Aside all the standard services which legal professionals usually provide, I do outstanding, challenging projects . Some of them you may find below. 

christmas reindeer

Reindeer at the

Red Square

Marketing projects

I am lucky enough to work for a lot of outstanding companies. Some of them are worldwide famous for their marketing activities and competitive rivalries. 

Among the many challenges I have faced, in connection with Sassy Advertisement Strategies, I had to legally ensure that a company was able to walk a reindeer through the Red Square in Moscow on New Years Eve. 

Or defend the company against state bodies' accusations in equivocality of its promo campaign' slogans (Forbes wrote about this case here). 

Темная еда грузовик



Innovative projects

I was fortunate enough to support several innovative projects such as:

- I helped to import to Russia specific vehicles with artificial intelligence systems inside and to support their instalation in various locations in Moscow to serve as a mini-DIY store. 

- I was drafting regulations and legally supporting first DIY competition in social media in Russia (click here to check up)

- I was able to find a suitable solution was found for the company with more than 5 thousands outstaffing individuals before outstaffing prohibition came into force in 2015.  

Друзья в ресторане быстрого питания

Broaden horizons

Franchising, licenses and joint ventures

I was supporting European and CIS expansion of several big-name brands via franchise and license contractual frames. I also was working on huge JVAs and SHAs in terms of business' expansion.




Optimize and standardize to save money

I've done multiple projects where I was elaborating contracts' templates, implementing help desks and EDM systems. Those actions saved lots of money to business in the present and will continue to do so in the future.

Standardizing claims led to confirmed saving of pay out amounts to customer. This was compared to previous periods.

During crisis 2008 I was supporting negotiations with landlords re reducing the lease. Achieved average 20 % savings.